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Mar 2, 2011 4:30am EST
. >> reporter: ashley's mom began to fight for a lasting memorial. they're not required to use lights and sirens while running a light or stop sign. >> my goal was to help other families so they didn't have to go through what our family had to endure as a result of a preventable accident. >> reporter: the virginia legislature has just passed ashley's law. at red lights -- >> police are now required to use and activate their lights and sirens. yield to other cars. if they decide not to use their sirens, such as in a hostage situation, they must come to a complete stop. >> reporter: no more of this -- >> as a mother, and -- i wanted to do what i could to honor my daughter's life and help others. i feel ashley would be very proud that we persevered to the end. and that we accomplished in honor of her memory and her life helping and saving other people. >> reporter: ashley's law -- a mother's love, ashley's legacy. >> that was gary nurenberg reporting there. now the officer was acquitted on criminal charges. is no longer though with the fairfax county police department. the chief has increased train
Mar 28, 2011 4:30am EDT
, march 28th. i'm andrea roane. >>> i'm mike hydeck. thank you for joining us today. we begin with howard bernstein and today's forecast. the cherry blossoms look good. >> we were all downtown on saturday for the nationality marathon, it was a great event. the weather was fine. those will peak, and they will peak, but it will be chilly. if you're going to see them, bundle up and pick your days because not every day this week is going to be great. wednesday is not going to be a good day. friday will be questionable as well. here's a look today, today will not be bad at all, except on the cool side with temperatures, which will be struggling to get into the upper 40s. midday we'll have clouds passing south of town, upper 30s then. so you need to do anything outside, jacket weather and gloves and hats this morning. look at the storm system, we have a very active jet stream, no exception this week. quick moving system with snow on the northern end, which will slip into parts of southern virginia. parts of the carolinas with heavier rain, alabama, georgia and carolinas as well. lots of cold ai
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2